Need Some Strategic Financial Firepower

Would a part-time CFO make a difference?

Does managing your admin keep you from what you enjoy doing

What if a Trusted Partner ran the Admin and Bookkeeping for you.

Need better info to manage your cash flow and performance

With the right help, it will all be at your fingertips!

Struggling to hire the best administrators

Maybe you don’t need to hire internally & settle for second best!

Virtual Financial Managers Focused on Result Driven business perfomance

What we do

At Fountain Financial Management we help business owners like you focus on what you enjoy doing and free you up to make a real difference to your business. 

We work alongside you and your teams to provide a range of
high quality accounting and administration functions such as:

  • running your accounts, preparing regular insightful reports
  • forecasting and liaising with your bankers
  • acting as administrators for your purchase and payables processes, your customer invoicing and collections processes
  • other administrative processes that you need taken care of

Areas we can help you with

Bookkeeping & Management Reporting

Invoicing Administrator & Accounts Receivable

Managing Banking Relationships

Budgets & Forecasts

Purchasing Administrator & Accounts Payable

Process Improvement

Part Time CFO

Accounts Coaching & Training



Senior Financial Leaders & business Consultants Delivering Expert Advice and Solutions

Who We Are

Fountain Financial Management is a team of experienced executives, accountants and administrators who deliver expert solutions to all industries with a strong connection and experience in the Mining Services Industry.

They are lead by a proven Big 4 Firm Partner and CFO and finance managers from industry. Their experience means they truly understand your business and what makes it tick. They can help you navigate through the challenges you face from time to time and make the most of opportunities because they have been there before, through the peaks and the troughs most businesses encounter.

COntact Info
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PO Box 125, Hamilton Central, Qld 4007
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