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I launched FFM to offer business owners an alternative choice for your accounting and administration functions. During my career I have worked with many businesses who have struggled in these areas often leading to financial loss or an inability to create shareholder wealth. The reasons for this, like those below, are varied and by working with you, we allow you to focus on the work you enjoy doing and to grow your business

  • Too many times I have met business owners who relied upon managers to run their business, only to find they had let them down
  • You keep hiring administrators but they rarely work out
  • Accounting and reports is not your passion and you need a trusted person to make it work for you
  • You are constantly busy with customers and your people, that you struggle to find time to look after the books and the admin

We can take care of your bookkeeping and admin tasks and seamlessly work alongside you.  

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Our Values

We are consistently open and trustworthy in everything we do.

We work alongside you and your people as one team.

We are absolutely committed to your successes.

We find the quickest and smartest ways to do things.

We set high standards and ensure we meet them.

Nick Harwood Fountain Consulting & Management

Nick Harwood

Nick is the founder and passionate about working with family businesses. With a deep understanding of business operations and how to create value, Nick delivers actionable insights and coaching to improve your business. A fun, down-to-earth, people person, Nick enjoys working with real people, navigating the challenges and opportunities that all businesses face and gets a thrill out of clients’ success.

Deanne Du Barrie


Deanne is the accounting and analysis guru, crunching the numbers to deliver easy to read and meaningful reports. Passionate about training, Deanne also enjoys working with finance teams to develop accounting skills and implement processes that improve efficiency. Deanne is known for her happy personality and the close relationships she builds with clients.

Stacey Drosd

Stacey Drosd

Stacey is another accounting guru with a passion for identifying hidden value and turning it into long term systematic improvements. Stacey has spent much of her career working with family businesses in regional locations providing owners with the support they need to grow and to reach their full potential

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