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Banking Relationship

  1. Are you struggling with the relationship with your banker?
  2. Are you wondering if you have the best funding solution or capital structure?
  3. Are you frustrated or do you lose precious time in preparing periodical reports for your bankers?

A Tailored and supportive banking solution can help you grow

Imagine if you caught up with your banker and you mostly talked about the future of the business and how the bank could support you. That your banker had a good understanding of your business, the regular reports gave him real insight to the business performance, highlighted your future direction and capital needs. 


Fountain Solution

We have spent many years with working with bankers, reviewing businesses for lending decisions, preparing forecasts and regular reports. We have the experience to assist you with your banking relationship, attend meetings, prepare required budgets and reports and ensure you have the right capital available to you. The benefits of a strong banking relationship include:

  1. You may obtain more favourable terms or treatment better positioning you for future increases in facilities. 
  2. We can help you gain easier access to finance to help your business grow. 
  3. A sound relationship and understanding of your business, the bank is more likely to extend further finance if requested.

Would it not be great to have a better relationship with your bank without needing to do it all yourself, now you can focus on where your business needs you. 

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