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  1. Do you find your management accountants regularly make mistakes and you don’t always have the time to guide them?
  2. Is your accountant new to the role and could benefit from some guidance and training?
  3. Would you hire a more junior accountant with potential but they need some coaching?

Better skilled people can make a difference

Imagine how coaching and training could benefit your business, its impact on profitability, productivity and team morale.

The benefits of coaching and training are far-reaching. It’s a win for the business owner in terms of productivity, team morale and potentially higher profits and it is also a win for the person being trained and the people around them.

This is because their skills are growing and they have more confidence, they feel like they are making a bigger contribution, they work better with the others "both inside and outside the organisation" and they start to see the bigger picture. 

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Fountain Solution

At Fountain we have more than 60 years combined experience and are committed to developing strong working relationships based on trust.  We will work with your people to develop and expand the skill set of your team and support the application of the new skills directly in your business so that you get the benefits straight away.

Here is an example with one of our clients

One of our current clients finds the informal training and support invaluable because whenever they have an accounting question, they email it through and will have their answer usually within 24 hours.

For questions that are more complex, we jump online to apply it directly in the accounting package and/or excel spreadsheets. In our time working together, our client’s skills have grown exponentially. She is super excited to be expanding her knowledge, her confidence is growing and the quality of her work is improving. Not only is she happy but her manager and the owner of the business are happy as well because she is more productive and producing higher quality outputs.

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