Am I allocated a specific team member

Yes, you will have a specific contact. If for some reason your regular contact is not available we have multiple team members that can step in. We will arrange an introduction so that you always know exactly who you are talking to.

Are there any industries you don’t cover

Together our team has worked across a broad range of industries so we should have some experience in your industry. If we haven’t worked in your industry, we are quick learners and we're confident we will be up to speed in no time.

Can you make my business more efficient?

Yes we can! Efficiency is something we strive towards in all of our endeavours and we can help you with it too! Book an appointment or send us a message and we can have a chat about your current process.

How do I know if this approach will work for me

You will never really know until you try, but we are confident that you will not regret working with us and the additional value we add. Next time you have vacancy why not give us a try 

How much does it cost?

We employ our people at market rates and our charges are designed to recover those with a reasonable margin to cover our costs. Our solutions can be charged to you on a variable or fixed rate basis e.g. an hourly rate or a weekly or monthly rate. We customise our solutions to your needs and seek to ensure we agree a rate that delivers great value.

How will we communicate

Our preference is to set our people with one of your company email addresses so your supliers or customers see your company. That way we will communicate the same way as any of your other employees. We use Zoom technology for video conferences and virtual meetings, so we can meet with you as often as needed

I'm concerned I might lose control in this process

By partnering with Fountain, we become part of your team. Together we define the role, responsibilities and reporting framework so you will always have control.

If I need more help than just accounting & admin, can you offer that

Our sister company Fountain Management & Consulting will be happy to help you out. Check out the website You can also book an appointment or send us a message through this website and mention strategy in the questionnaire.

So how does it all work

We employ proven accountants and administrators with real industry experience. We seamlessly work alongside you and your teams, just like we were your employees. We have the capability and resources to offer you the best accounting and admin functions. Book a free appointment so we can chat mre about helping you and answer any questions you may have.

What types of businesses does Fountain work with

We are set up to focus and specialise in family-owned businesses based in regional locations. We are more than happy to discuss tailored solutions with metropolitan-based businesses

Where are you based and where will the Accountants and Administrators operate from

Our main office is located in Brisbane with a growing presence with key staff based in regional cities such as Mackay and Newcastle. Nick travels regularly and can meet with you as and when needed. Our team members that work with you can travel to your premises 

Why would I use Fountain when I can hire my own staff?

You don’t need to worry about the whole hiring process, training your recruits and managing their performance. You don’t need to settle for poor information and poor performance. Our team has the experience to ensure you have quality data, regular reports and real insights to help grow and improve your business

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