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Invoicing Administrator & Accounts Receivable

  1. Do you find your invoices take too long to compile and send out to customers?
  2. Are your invoices prone to errors, frustrates your customers, and absorbs more of your time?
  3. Do your customers often pay late and tie up your cash flow?
  4. Does your Administrator seem to struggle with collecting debtors or spends a lot of time chasing payment?

Experienced Administrators Will save you Time & Money

Imagine if your invoices were generated in a timely manner and free from mistakes allowing you to receive your cash earlier! Invoicing and chasing payment doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s about having the right Administrators who are diligent, efficient and committed to your business and their role. 

As you will be aware, the role of invoicing is incredibly important because it is part of the process to get cash into your business. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Cash is King’ and it’s so true!

We employ talented and experienced administrators that can prepare and issue accurate invoices in a timely manner. They are great with the paperwork and data entry too so your accounts will be neat and tidy with all the information and relevant reports at your fingertips

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Fountain Solution

Our Administrators can take care of everything including the following:

Liaising with site personnel and colleagues to source all necessary information 

Liaising with customers to address any queries and issues

Regular contact with customers to ensure timely collection

Preparing claim sheets and supporting analysis

Preparing and issuing invoices

Producing regular reports on debtor status, expected collection dates and any issues

Our solution offers a full or part time service and envisages the use of your company email and systems, so the customers only see your company. While our administrators are based in Brisbane, they can visit sites and corporate offices as and when needed. Like most administrator roles which are not site based, we will be doing most of the work remotely via email, phone and many other online systems.

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