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Part Time CFO

  1. Are you worried about the accuracy and reliability of your accounts?
  2. Are you getting the financial information you need?
  3. Could you benefit from the advice and input of an experienced CFO but don’t need one full time?
  4. Have you considered a CFO but assumed the cost would be too expensive?

A Part Time CFO could help improve your business and be affordable

Imagine if you could access a fully qualified and experienced CFO whenever you wanted, not all the time, just for those exciting growth ideas or the occasional advice. It will probably add to your confidence knowing you’ve got someone supporting you and your business, assisting you to achieve your vision and goals.

Fountain Solution

At Fountain we have proven CFOs and financial experts who will work alongside you. We offer you access to a trusted person who is committed to your success and could assist you with any of the following:

  • Better insights to manage and grow your business
  • Relieve the stress of managing your cash flows
  • Enhanced funding options and solutions
  • Better contracts with improved commercial outcomes
  • Improved relationship with bankers and investors
  • A seasoned view on your future strategic direction and the financial aspects

We are constantly available, just an email or phone call away. We will regularly attend your premises, we can attend meetings with your management team, your customers, your suppliers and your bankers.

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