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Process Improvement

  1. Ever wonder why it takes so long for your people to complete tasks such as complete month-end or compliance reports for clients and regulators?
  2. Do you find your reports and work product are prone to errors and mistakes?
  3. Are you losing customers because you can’t meet their needs or your reporting obligations in a timely manner?

Clear and structured processes can improve timing and quality

Imagine if all of your reports were right the first time and you received them ahead of deadlines or if your customers were happy and you didn’t spend so much time scrambling to meet their needs.

Challenges and pressures can arise because of various situations such as:

  • Staff shortages so they are rushing, making mistakes and taking longer to complete tasks
  • Staff don’t yet have the understanding or skill sets to deliver on your requests 
  • Poor and inconsistent processes, staff know-how or the available time to seek more guidance 

Now what could you do if all of these challenges were solved, month-end and your reports were completed within a reasonable time frame and they were all accurate


Fountain Solution

At Fountain, we can help identify the cause of your delayed and mistake-riddled reports and offer a solution. As an outsourced accounting team, we can provide the extra staff you need, the training to upskill existing staff (see our Coaching and Training service), and review your processes, identifying, analyzing, and implementing improvements so that they are more efficient. 

Process improvement offers considerable benefits for the business and all of the people involved - both inside and outside the organization. Benefits can include:

  • Increased productivity, efficiency, and higher profits
  • Fewer errors, more consistency, and higher quality outputs
  • Higher staff morale because their tasks flow more smoothly and are more efficient
  • Better relationships with customers and suppliers because it is easier to work with your business
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