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Purchasing Administrator & Accounts Payable

  1. Do you find you suffer delays with your Administrators ordering parts that impact your operations? 
  2. Are you getting dragged into the administration when you could be running your business, out in the field, talking to customers, or doing what you enjoy?
  3. Are you Administrators unhelpful when you need them to lend a hand in times of pressure and difficulty?
  4. Are invoices missing from your accounting system or has the wrong amount been entered?
  5. Does your Administrator consistently check invoices against purchase orders and identify issues?

Experienced Administrators Will save you Time & Money

Purchasing doesn’t have to be hard. Checking you only pay for what you ordered shouldn’t be hard.

Imagine if the process went smoothly….
Purchase orders issued + invoices matched to POs + invoices entered accurately + Variances managed + Payments made in a timely manner = Happy supplier = Happy YOU! 

Life could be so much better with an experienced and efficient administrator that understands your business and delivers 110% to help ensure high productivity. Someone that works seamlessly with maintenance teams, suppliers, logistics companies, colleagues and management to keep those operations going smoothly.

Take a load off and let us provide you an experienced administrator who seamlessly integrates into your business and is committed to its success.

We employ talented and experienced administrators that can source, order and have delivered parts, materials, consumables and all other goods and services quickly and accurately. They are great with the paperwork and data entry too so your accounts will be neat and tidy with all the information and relevant reports at your fingertips.


Fountain Solution

Our Administrators can take care of everything including the following:

Liaising with colleagues on sites and offices to facilitate the purchase of parts and services

Attend sites and meetings to discuss process and ensure an integrated working relationship

Data entry, checking invoices to POs and contacting suppliers with queries

Liaising with suppliers to check prices and availability, placing orders, confirm timing 

Creating and completing documents such as credit applications, POs & reports

Liaising with colleagues to assist with scheduling payments to suppliers

Our solution offers a full or part time service and envisages the use of your company email and systems, so the suppliers only see your company. While our administrators are based in Brisbane they are able to visit sites and corporate offices as and when needed.

Similar to most administrator roles which are not site based, we will be doing most of the work remotely via email, phone and many other online systems.

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