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Trend Finding Cheat Sheet

  1. Wondering how your business has been performing on a month by month basis?
  2. You get monthly financial statements but can’t really picture how you’re trending or know if there is any cause for alarm?

We’ve got you covered!

Download this free trend finding cheat sheet now! It is packed full of charts that help you determine what is going on in your business and whether there are growth opportunities or areas that need your immediate attention! 

Get your Trend finding Cheat Sheet to see how your business is performing

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What to do

Wondering about the process? It’s easy! Just add your numbers to the blue cells like this:

Cheat Sheet how to 1
Cheat Sheet 2
Cheat Sheet 3
Cheat Sheet 4

Imagine having a clear picture of how your business is performing throughout the year, download the spreadsheet now!

Once you’ve checked out the trends, are you happy with them? If yes, that’s great! 
If you’re unsure what the trends are telling you or you don't like the way it's looking, reach out now! 
Let us interpret the trends and other key metrics in your business and provide actionable insights on how to achieve higher profits and better cash flow!

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